Sunshine at Last!

In the Company of the Courtesan by Sara Dunant

In the Company of the Courtesan by Sara Dunant

Hello Sunshine!

Yes, you with the weird look on your face reading this right now.

I’m in a really good mood. Can you tell? I disappeared for a while because I have been giving time to work and my side business of rabbit breeding.

Things at work are going great and the pressure has gone down several degrees. My former place of work ran a business like this and I had speculated that it would take me about a year to fit into the role of centre manager after squeezing out of a receptionist position. Yet here I am with a full centre in June for at least three months. We have even had to convert our small meeting room into an office for the same duration of time. My only task for now is to get people to hire the boardroom frequently.

As for the rabbit rearing business I started in my Grandma’s compound… Let’s just say that it has been a huge struggle to give it attention. With the weight of marketing slowly lifting from the office, I have had a chance to get a professional in the construction and rearing of rabbits to demolish my old structure and put up a good one in its place. The first guy I got for the job did it so badly I was unable to use the hatch from the very beginning. It has been seven months since I almost cleared out my life savings for this venture, only to have someone do a shoddy job and leave me with less faith in business, an overwhelming sense of failure, a reservation for venturing into business and remorse for not having left the money in my account instead.

Somehow, I have been able to come back more confidently and work in almost blind faith. Except for the part where I contracted someone referred to me by a friend and business associate, who has proven to several people that he can be trusted and that he is so good at what he does that he can do it with his eyes closed, I have decided to steer clear of supervision in this project. I told him what I expected, he told me what he could do with the space, I asked how much it would cost, he gave me the figures, we worked them out and agreed on the same, I gave him the initial starting and purchasing fee and took him to Gran’s. On Sunday, he went there with his brother, whom he has partnered with. He started the job on Monday. I haven’t seen him or spoken to him since he landed and informed me that he had arrived safely.

I like control. Or at least I thought I did. Then I read two blog posts which changed my thinking: The Perfectionist’s Guide to Setting Goals and How to be Great. I rewrote a summary of the main points and stuck them to my desk. It’s true what they say about confession and exposure and influence; if you do something, read something, say something, see something often enough, it becomes your truth.

When I can’t get something done, I get back to my to-do list, without which I am often lost. If I can’t do something for a friend, I tell them right away instead of stringing them along. If one business idea falls through before it even started, then it’s time to step back and learn and try again or venture into something else with the lessons learned from your last encounter.

Now that I am done preaching, I can get back to my more realistic chores for the day. I intend to get home early and get some sleep early tonight. Lord knows I need the pampering; my savings account is almost empty again, I am trying to prepare the centre for a final viewing before my big sign-ups move in on Monday and I finished reading Sarah Dunant’s In the Company of the Courtesan and I am momentarily depressed about completing such a beautiful journey.

Cheers everyone!


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