Finally Friday!


Hisia Zangu - one of the best places to grow as a poet, writer or spoken word artist

Hisia Zangu – one of the best places to grow as a poet, writer or spoken word artist

Hey World!

I have had the LONGEST week ever!

I haven’t had so many meetings cancelled on me in a while and it has been long since I was last running up and down, spending more time out in the cold and rain as opposed to reading the beautiful A Love Story on Sarah Kathleen Peck’s blog or figuring out what other lovely chicken stock ideas I can borrow from Sarah Wilson.

So they last time we talked, I was shortlisted for in a short story competition. One of my friends, Ngartia, was in the same list and his story was my favourite for the top prize. Neither of us got it, and I have a few things to say about that, but I’m letting it slide. Another friend of mine, Shedy, asked whether he could feature three of my stories on a site, Creative Writing, which dedicates its focus to poetry and stories. I submitted the following, as per Shedy’s request for these specific ones:

Empty Nest

An Accountant’s Journal

Dance of Death

I’d like to hear your thoughts on them; I need someone who isn’t a fan or friend or associate of a mine in some way to give me their objective opinion and ideas on how to build on my stories and characters and such.

The College Novelist’s post on The 4 “A”s of Characterization and follow up comments on various posts by her have gone a long way in making it easier for me to write.

I hope to start reading something chilled out this weekend. Something out of the Chicken Soup series.

Meanwhile, TGIF!!!

Cheers, good people!




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