Sunday at the Office

You only truly realize that you love your job when you find yourself at the office on a Sunday, of your own free will, catching up on the latest blog posts you’ve subscribed to and working on your short stories. The last time I put something up, I had been having a bad. The highlight of which was mixing up my schedule so that I missed an embassy appointment that has cost me a holiday in Germany and Austria over a period of about 5 weeks. Looking back now, it isn’t all that bad anymore. When I couldn’t fall asleep as a result of the gnawing remorse, I came up with a bucket list which I titled: Things to do if I do not go to Germany in August/September. Some of the key features in this list include road trips, sleepover, skipping out of town and a new farming project with four mutual friends whose company I have kept and relished since my first year in campus. Hellen, Lydia, Koki and Sian have made me glad to be staying because these girls make my life beautiful, fun and fulfilling. All we need is a mattress and four walls (Hellen can’t stand bugs so camping is out of the question) and we are good to go. We all, coincidentally, love teaching and four of us are in the education sector; I count myself because it’s what I do whenever I get the chance. Lately, I have taken time to read through some of the greatest advice shared from personal perspectives and my quality of life has improved immensely as a result. Although this does not cover it all, this link on bloglovin’ and this post by Sarah Wilson are examples of priceless advice which comes in handy following a down .


Right now, I’m glad that the Hisia Zangu workshop is happening today and that I will reading select portions of this story I have been struggling with for a week.




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