Hello There

Hello everyone! Guess who went underground for weeks! I’m back. For now. I have been going veggie crazy for a while – I love spinach and had developed a craving for kale for several days a couple of weeks back. Then I discovered my current guilty pleasure snack. And before you judge me, because I really should know better than to junk on a high fat high sodium snack two days in a row, I’ll show you what it looks like:

Yes. Deep fried chicken brawn. And guess what I snacked on before hitting the hay last night!

Yes. Spicy fried peas on cold chicken brawn.

Does it help that there was plain yoghurt and whole meal bread involved in this charade? No? Fine! In other news making headlines, I was at the Austrian Embassy earlier today. And I got screwed on a technicality, but I’ll be back there on Monday with all the documents to apply on my seemingly elusive holiday in Europe. I have been looking at holiday destinations lately and it’s literally taking over my mind. So I’ve decided to plan and save for a vacation outside of Kenya from now henceforth. Also, I’m investing in my second love: cooking. I turn 26 on Monday. My mother is having a field day with the fact that I am officially in my late twenties – and now almost thirty. Does it bug me? Yes. A little more than it should because I think that (maybe) I finally have reason to celebrate my new life – awesome networks, an opening for a paying part-time gig and a chance to keep at public speaking. I had a reawakening of sorts – I was invited to speak to campus girls about life issues like dating and career moves and family (feel free to chuckle like I did) and sex and all it did was make me want to do this a lot more. Plus, I haven’t taught Biology or English in a while and my life feels as if there’s a growing vacuum from not inhaling chalk dust and simplifying concepts.
Long story short, I have been busy. And even writing took a break while I finished watching season 3 of Suits and Franklin & Bash.
By the way, I hooked up with a caterer I hope to keep very close to me – she has an amazing hot chilli which she make herself from chillies she grows in her vegetable garden. She even offered me foliage for my rabbits.

I’m hoping to take a personal day after my embassy visit. Either that or I will be having party of one to celebrate an amazing year – I got a job I love, improved my personal and professional networks, moved into my own little haven and gave a failed business a second chance to prove me wrong. When I get that Schengen visa after Monday, a first time trip to Austria will be a nice addition to this list, don’t you think?
Have to get packing; Oprah is interviewing Lenny Kravitz and John Legend on E! tonight so I’ll be going to Mum’s. Plus, I have a social outdoor thing tomorrow and I need her original Nike sneakers for that.

Cheers, good people!


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