2nd Anniversary!

So I got this trophy from WordPress celebrating our second anniversary and I cannot believe that it’s been that long since I started gushing on the internet!

More good news: my visa application is finally done. Now the long wait.

Ever celebrated the going-on-leave email from your chief protagonist at work only to find she left behind another purple dragon in her place?! Yeah, it sucks and I’m guessing some of this may be Karma, but I’ll live.
I can’t wait to go on leave at the end of this month! I feel exhausted by the whole waking-to-work routine and I think I need a break from the routine and a change of scenery.

Chai with the girls on Monday night was awesome!!! I got to catch up with Priska, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks, and Lily, with whom I chat on phone every other day. Then I met Charlie B. for another mug of tea and noisy chatter. The management had to start switching off the lights to get rid of us.

Since I left my mother’s house yesterday, chances of coming back into town from my house – about 20 KM away – were slim. So I missed an awesome concert, another chance to meet up with friends and the serenade – the event organizer, a new friend, Racquel, had them sing for me and Charlie called to let me know.

I was up at 4 a.m. on account of an early morning marketing meeting I have every and I was hoping to leave for home early, but we just got a client who wants to use a hot desk and since that office package is billed per hour, I have to stay on until he leaves.

Not to worry. It’s a chance for me to read more awesome posts on YesandYes by Sarah Bargen, such as this one!

I’m chatting up a gifted writer and poet I know from the writers’ and poets’ workshop I attend every month, Hisia Zagu, and I can’t wait to see how this chat goes and what we can learn from each other and share. Just between you and me, he envies my style of writing and expression. The funny thing is, I am also blown away by almost anything he writes – be it a Facebook status update or a short story!

Meshack Yobby, the guy I’m gushing about above, wrote an amazing piece which I came across a few hours ago. I just had to share it with you:

I think of you.
Cliché, but I think of you
With longing.
I think of your moonlight eyes,
And the dance of your lips.
I think of the embers of your smile,
And the tinder it ignites in me,
I think of my dreams of you,
Warm day, our children, your smile,
Bright colours, greying hair, your warmth.
Beautiful smells wafting from the kitchen.
My arms around you.
And my eternal heartbreak,
Dark clouds and cold winds and no colour
If the heavens call you before me.
I do not know how I love you,
But I do. I love you with a fury,
I love you with a force so strong
I cannot help but let myself drift in its waves.
So here I am, beating at your shores,
Thinking of you.


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