Gratitude Challenge Day 1

Right to Left: Priska and I at Paleo. Lily, who took this picture, got us matching gifts – fancy sticky note pads and black purses.

Oboo Bwana
July 26 at 3:57pm · Nairobi ·

Positive Challenge Day 5.
Am grateful for:

1.My love for nature.I get to hike hills and mountains ,enjoy game drives and sit/ zoob by the lake side to fulfill my adventure spirit.The view of the world form the mountain top is breath taking,observing the wild is inspiring and watching the sunset and the waves to and from the lake shore is relieving and relaxing.

2. Books.This is my home and my place of refuge.I do this for fun,knowledge and inspiration.

3.Writers and World Wide Web for making information available to me.

I nominate Sharon Moragwa Ogugu .Your challenge is to come up with 3 positive things for 5 days and nominate someone new every day to continue the positive challenge.

So I got this Facebook post notification (I think most people call it a tag) on the 26th of July, 2014. That was Saturday. Since I was visiting mother dearest and cell reception at her place is poor(ish), I decided to put the challenge on hold until Monday. But hours do fly and it had been a busy week so here I am taking Priska up on her positive challenge. I put up the following status update a little while back:

Positive Challenge Day 1
I am grateful for:
1. Meaningful relationships – for family, friends who can and do call me out on my crap and help me see through bad days, for that special someone who has helped open my eyes to the world from a refreshingly different perspective.
2. Music – something about my realization of the power that lies behind deeply expressive lyrics and beautifully played instruments has given my life a profound wholeness.
3. Blogs – there is something about the easy, unstructured and open manner of baring one’s soul on the world wide web.

I hereby nominate Julz Amare Poeta, Shikù Wa Nyambura and Julie Mberia to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.

All the best ladies!

Now we wait to see how the other four days left turn out.

Lately, the universe has been sending out hints at being grateful for everything; big things and little things and such. From a random Bible devotional by Joyce Meyer, to a a tweet by @MindBodyGreen, to a quote by Oprah I came across yesterday. So here I am sharing I feel particularly grateful for today.

What are you grateful for?


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