Gratitude Challenge Day 2

Hey everyone!
So I took a break from my positive challenge because I’m learning to unplug a little more on weekends. Here’s the Facebook status update I put up a short while ago.

Positive Challenge Day 2
I am grateful for:
1. Books – they have allowed me to escape reality and find a happy place, they have allowed me to see matters beyond my culture and time and appreciation through the eyes of other, they have made me heal and grow and hurt and laugh and worry and (almost) cry.
2. Imagination – I have a fairly wild one and it has enabled me to create my own world and share that world with whomever I please (I like living in my own head; can you tell?).
3. Water – water heals in ways that few other things can and although I still don’t like rainy days, I love water and have scenic pictures of water bodies plastered around my room; I plan to visit those destinations in this life.

I hereby nominate Carol Kesh Kaye, Ann Wanjiru Kiarie and Ann Syokau to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.



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