Wanderlust! And them Some Inspiration


I got the above image I got here from bloglovin’. It’s from Germany. Long story short, My application for a Schengen Visa to Austria and Germany was successful and I cannot wait for the 27th when I get to board a flight to Europe for the first time in my life (why does it feel like I have said that too many times on this blog?!).

First and foremost, I’ll share a little confession: I (can) have a temper. One of my colleagues has been away for two lovely weeks and came back with the same prickly attitude. I dealt with her on a bad day. And I snapped and asked her what she wanted. I left out the “HELL” I was dying to rain on her and walked of before the twitching in my arms translated into a moving fist. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the afternoon fade into night, listening to Josh Groban and watching 39 minutes of Emeli Sade’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Then it was some mindless sketching on my notebook (last year’s birthday gift from Lisa), a call to my brother and an open conversation with a client who may be leaving the centre soon.

In retrospect, I have never dealt well with feelings with insecurity and/or inadequacy. Never. And my brain has the capacity to think and overthink and rethink things – and has a strange sticky liking for the negative. So I fumed and huffed and puffed and walked to the terminus and picked a bus home; then sent my brother a text explaining that I had zombie walked to my stop instead of going to my mother’s to spend the night chatting with him and keeping him company (mother dearest is in Rwanda on a class trip).

At home, I washed of, got into bed with a strong cup of brewed coffee and white bread smeared with thick layers of margarine (yes, it was that bad), watched a few episodes of Numb3rs to quiet the voices in my head and slept. I switched off my phone when I woke up, took a loooong bath, washed a few clothes, picked the dry ones from my line, aired my bed and folded by duvets, and left. I realized that I had left my phone in my bed when I couldn’t read my Joyce Meyer devotional and play 2048 as has been the routine since the boyfriend got me hooked; he shared his high scores with me before I could even get to 1,000 points!

Katy Peri had been yelling from my speakers while I took breakfast and showered but there was this loud reggae in the matatu so I listened. I got to the office, handled a few client concerns and replied to emails. Then I sent my archnemesis a couple; which she obviously has not responded to. And I’m certain that she left about 2 hours ago. Since I’m also certain that I am still ripely capable of smacking her, and not just in my head, I figured I can handle her after a restful weekend.

The following blog posts have made my afternoon pretty awesome, though. That and the chat I had with the boyfriend (who has been worried sick because I’ve been off air for almost 24 hours).

Now I feel refreshed and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead. I’ll be heading to my would be sister-in-laws’ for a birthday part and I can’t wait to be there without Paul’s seemingly expansive and constant absence hanging over my head. Because I’ll be seeing him in just 13 short days.


Cheers and have a great weekend!



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