Home & Away: The Summary

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Guess who’s back from her month long vacation in Europe!!!

So, while I was experiencing my first roller coaster ride, doener box treat and live opera performance, my blogging took a break. Well, somewhat. I wrote notes almost every day about my various tours so I will likely think up a proper post for them – or a series. Right now, I can’t get off Instagram because pictures do take you back especially now that the memories are only 3 days old.

Funny thing is that I can’t stop reading. And not just anything, but The Fault in our Stars. I finished reading it a few days prior to the end of my holiday. I’m almost halfway with it and it still feels so new. It had never occurred to me that I could fall in love (and grief) with a sixteen-year-old’s narration of her life.

If you’d like to get a few shots of what Europe was like for me, check them out on account (sharonogugu) on Instagram.

Since I almost lost this post TWICE, I will stop typing now and get to something else before I actually lose it.

So bye for now!


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