Made It!

Hello sunshine! Guess who managed to run all the way and halfway back to the starting point just this morning. Yes, you’re reading from her.

This week I have been a good girl on the exercise front. And boy has the running/jogging helped me fall asleep faster. I’m still sleeping rather lightly so I hope to start running 15 minutes earlier than usual every week for the next two or so weeks. Either that or I’ll start doing more indoor exercise. Or both. The pot belly is still there; and will likely take more than 5 more weeks to start disappearing and getting replaced by cubicles of muscle. The awesome thing about exercise is that it leaves you energized during the day, builds you appetite earlier in the day (when you should eat the most anyway) and forces you to hydrate throughout the day (which is how we should drink water anyway).

The boyfriend has classes all day and since we’re two hours apart and the sun outside is burning like a blow torch I will spend a little time staring at my newest (and maybe older) drafts. We’ll see.

I had had every intention of writing and reading during my last weekend, but I found myself in bed with Sherlock Holmes from Elementary. Then I started on White Collar. The only upside to that was that I have been feeling well rested all week – and it’s Wednesday. That’s a very good thing.

Let’s see whether I can make as much progressing with writing as I have been doing with reading. I’m currently gnawing at 50 Great Short Stories edited by Milton Crane. That’s a story for another day, though.

Have a happy healthy half week!


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