Reading IS the new Sexy (among other things)

I have sat with people around tea or coffee more than I have probably walked the earth. What can I say? I’m a woman. We always have words to spare and nothing brings them out like a hot beverage with great company after a long day at the office.

Over the years, I have started to notice a new trend in gossip where men are involved. We girls like to talk about boys: the ones we love, the ones we can’t stand, the ones we wish we had, the ones who got away (either because we let them or because they weren’t exclusively ours to begin with) and the story has read like the original script of Romeo and Juliet. Even the Hollywood version was pretty close to Shakespeare’s original.

But my ears have started to pick an exciting new sequence in the narrations. More girls like men who read! Now, my findings are biased. I hang out with friends and friends of friends who resemble the first generation of friends. But hear me out. I am hearing more ladies chattering excitedly about blokes whom they can describe as “well read”, “widely read” “a fun of reading/books”. Books and I have had a love affair long before I even knew what love was and I cannot begin to express my utter joy at these new findings. And just so you know that I am not collecting statistics from the same pool, I eavesdrop on conversations sometimes. Yes, yes, not a particularly wonderful thing to put out on the world wide web, but I’m just being honest here. There is the likely chance than book lovers and lovers of book lovers hang out in coffee shops and quiet restaurants, but I am still pushing my agenda.

I may be stretching it if I say that the generation of men  that uses lines like “Me I would never touch a book if I didn’t have to do exams” is on the brink of extinction, but a girl can dream. Plus, the world would probably be less fun with no guys using pickup lines from books and getting the general idea or context of what they are quoting (to impress you) all wrong. Yes, the world does need more colour.

In my personal opinion, I like readers because I have noted a close parallel between this one habit and emotional intelligence; which I equate to being able to read between the lines, take a hint, know how to actually use what you know to keep up with the general dos and donts of human association. Now, just because I can, I will add that your stakes are significantly improved if you also happen to be musically inclined. I’m just saying. And that definitely does not include crying with me when my cat gets run over, but having the just-right-thing to say or letting me know that you genuinely do not know what to say or do to help the situation – and sometimes giving you the exact words I’d like to have spoken back as the ideal consolation.

There. I’m done. See you again when I’m feeling inspired!


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