More Monday Blues

I had such a busy, relaxed and happy weekend! I went to see my Mum, who just completed a course she has been working on with her everything for the past year. We’re even planning to have icecream in the course of this week to celebrate – I will have you know that my mother does not eat junk often. I also got to hang out with my best friend and roommate from uni on Saturday evening. We ate tortillas and played loud music and talked into the wee small hours of the morning. It was hard to leave her place on Sunday afternoon, but I was going to link up with the boyfriend’s family – his sister who recently had a wedding was around from Vienna and she wanted us to all have lunch together before she left last night.

Somewhere around 6 p.m., after some amazing breadcrumbed chicken and lovely carrot and salsa salad, I got a call that poured water on my giddiness. My side business has been making slow progress since I revived it a year ago and I have been too preoccupied with “other things” to check in on it as frequently as I did before and I got upset when this was pointed out yet again. Old wounds were opened and I thought about quitting. It got so bad that I called good buddy of mine in a fit and ranted for almost 20 minutes straight. Then I did the same with the boyfriend; only this time I stopped in the middle of the chat to break down.

Neal Caffrey got me smiling and I ate a whole bar of chocolate (I don’t even like chocolate, but this was Austrian and that is a different ball game). It didn’t help that it was raining heavily and that that tends to make me miss the boyfriend and I was unable to sleep for a while.

However, my college roomie and my other buddy from uni are in my office waiting for me to post this so we can go out for pizza.

Life is beautiful, good people. Choose to see it as such.


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