Hello good people!

I guess what they say about serving too many masters is true: I have been doing a lot more reading than writing, I have been blogging elsewhere (sharonogugu.wordpress.com) more faithfully than I have been doing here and I have also been taking more time to revive the hang-out-with-friends habit than I did before.

Apart from wondering why I haven’t dared to book a trip to Greece and quit my job to go on road trips, I have been keeping well. Everyone is getting married and having babies and I’m still hungering for more time on the road. I’ve decided to reread old (and not so old) favourites and after The Fault In Our Stars, I have reread Americanah. I should be done with Harper Lee’s brilliantly witty To Kill A Moking Bird and then I shall be rereading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart – although I have kind already started.

So one of my awesome(EST) friends is a young man who likes to read and has too much in common with me. We are both nursing curious cases Wanderlust and reading and are in love with the same Theodore Roosevelt quote which I shall leave here so you will take time to celebrate leaning into your fears (that line is from an amazing TedTalk, by the way).

After my first trip out of Kenya last year I cannot wait to see Europe again! Thoughts of Vienna and beauiful cotton scarves and Turkish food kiosks consume me all the time. I miss the Doener Falafels and Doener box treats I enjoyed while touring and cannot wait to do it again and do it this year so help me God!

I’ve also planned a few rounds of road trips around Kenya and cannot wait to go to Nakuru and Namanga and Lamu!

Meanwhile, I am looking for the next new challenge with regard to work because I really have been here a year and although management has it perks I have a hunger for some fieldwork, some slaving away in the hot sun, some volunteer work far away from home and some new exciting adventure which I feel is out there waiting to be found.

What are your exciting ambitions for this year?


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