Living Life on the Fat Lane.

I weighed almost 10 kilograms more than I do now when I was in high school. Recently, precisely 5 months ago, I put on a little weight and got complimented on the same – turns out I was a little too trim for my height and age (not likely in that order). One business-associate-become-friend pointed out that I now look like a woman and not just a girl.
Where were all these people when I was dressing in over-size clothes, with every inch of my arms and legs covered even in hot weather, and my hair cut short – all so I could draw as little attention to my body as possible?
The statement that led to my losing 9 kilograms in 3 months came from my mother’s friend. It is vital that I point out that it took place at the entrance to my mother’s office building, in her presence, on a loud chirpy and oblivious note.
“Kwani what is this that you’re eating that has made you bigger than your mum?”
Obviously, this post took me way back and sank in deep for me.


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