Don’t Think, just Y.O.L.O.

Everyday above ground is a great day; remember that.


I have an open admission about being me and I have been worried about what everyone else would think and say. But I published a story about same sex attraction. Before that, it was a string of (maybe not too) sordid affairs. I have always wanted to tell those stories that we encounter, think about, hear about, but conveniently leave out of the internet because – other than human resource due diligence from a potential employer – there are a still some issues that people do not like to be associated with. Depending on your upbringing, surrounding, religious leanings, etc.

That aside, for a bit at least, I decided to go on a Y.O.L.O. train. I let go a little. I stopped trying to be a good girl for a bit. Although I’m not looking to develop a drinking habit, I did go to the coast of Kenya with girls (girls I don’t know as well as I usually would like to before taking a weekend trip with them) and I made embarrassing dancing videos. I’m not yet trying to earn Katy Perry’s respect by buying bottle service with rent money, but I did come back to no cooking gas and very little money for food and fare to work.

Things are working out quite nicely, without too much drama, and I am experiencing a few more instances of perfect over-flowing happiness than I have in a while. I’m also taking the time to consider why I do what I do and why I refrain from what I don’t do.

I especially enjoy not foreboding joy as much as I did before; because living in the moment teaches you how to stop worrying about the future you have no guarantee of seeing anyway.


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