About that Future…

There’s nothing as bad as getting conflicted over something that means a lot to your professional well-being while getting in the way of your personal happiness. More specifically, it stings when your romantic life suffers under the pressure of a performance contract, frequent job reviews and strict supervisors. 


I was 14 when I decided that my work would make up most of the chart that would be adult my life. I gave up any ideas of marriage and kids. That decision stayed with me. Let me pause here and indicate that we should watch what we put out into the universe. Because the universe listens and remembers.


Fast forward to almost 14 years later and my heart is still where it was all those ago. And little has changed with regard to the order of my priorities. Funny story, I fell in love with one amazing man through most of my 20s and the only time he broke my heart was when he left for Europe to study. So much for unlike poles attracting. I haven’t given up on love, but it feels more like a buffer for those days when work will feel more like a huge burden than a source of fulfilment.


Back to that thing about the universe. I’m sending out good vibes for the second half of this year. I will be consumed with work which will finally be related to what I want to focus on for the rest of the foreseeable future. I like structure. And it will feel so darn good to get back into a regular routine in a new environment!


Also, the writer’s block will have dissolved some and I will be bursting forth with new material and just enough time to post weekly.


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