The day before yesterday, I went through a handing over process at my (now) former place of work. I looked around and realized how much I would miss the littlest things – the furniture, the annoyingly bright lights at the reception, the windows letting in lots of natural light, the bubbling in the bottle mounted on the water dispenser.

Keystone is the best company I have worked at in all the 3.5 years that I have been in employment. When I got here, I had big dreams. I had sworn to myself, while still at my former place of work, that I would manage a business centre one day. This is where my dream came to live and thrive. This is where my networks grew. Here,.I learned what it meant to be in charge and came with that responsibility.

Apart from a severance cheque, getting terminated has a handful of benefits. It forces you to see what you did right and what you did wrong. It also forces you to accept what you could not control. Everyone is opening up office space in Westlands. That simply means that competition is tight; which in turn means bowing out when the numbers tell you to.

Already, I have been asked to consult at a few interviews a floor above my old office. That, I am happy to report, went well. I still had to drop in, though. I had to come back and see the place again and say “Hello” to people who have now graduated from clients to friends and good business associates.

As this chapter of my life closes, all I can think is how grateful I am that something so big came out of a Facebook inbox about the possibility of a new centre needing my expertise. I must say that that alone – the journey – makes me very proud of myself.



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