Positive Vibes for Results

Oh how good it feels to be back in circulation!

Back story: I lost my job at the end of May. Even the two month notice did little to stop the onset of anxiety about the future. I crawled into a shell and felt like crap about everything. Especially, getting out of bed and going to the office. All I could think was: What’s the point?

Upside, I went to Arusha, Tanzania, on a week long holiday. I got a chance to enjoy a break from the busy city that is Nairobi. Because nothing depresses yo more than having nothing to do and little to no energy to do anything when you live in a loud and constantly buzzing city. I got to listen to my body and eat and get back into a regular exercise regime. Like the book and movie, I ate and prayed and loved (the experience and myself for deciding to break away and treat myself to some healthy change).

The upside manifesting as a downside, was the introspection I subjected myself to. I thought seriously about the things I had done that I wasn’t proud of, about relationships that needed restoring and those that needed severing, about my greatest fears and biggest dreams and what I wanted to do about them.

I put it out into the universe that I wanted a break in June and July before resuming employment. I also decided to start considering what I would do in October – I would either find myself in Germany mastering in Public Health Nutrition or I would be 2 months into a new job. The focus of said job would be nutrition. I would make sure to turn down any offers in other fields, especially if the pay was better than my last job; because I now know the sort of black hole that that can prove to be.

I’m glad to report that I started my third week of work today. At a nutrition focused company applying the two skills I enjoy putting to use: client relations/customer care and clinical nutrition. Next month, I will take on social media support. I cannot wait to start!

If you’re reading this post and you cannot remember what I have been going on about from the beginning, remember this one thing:

Put out into the universe whatever it is that you desire to have. Pray earnestly and specifically, citing all the little details. Then surrender and expect it with all the positive energy that you can master.

Enjoy the rest of your week, good people.


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