Dating A Mature Woman

Hello everyone! Here’s a post I helped a good friend with. We both embrace vulnerability and have been vulnerability and celibacy partners for a several months now.
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Miss Thoughtful

I’m dating again!!!

Wait. That didn’t come out quite as expected. I said it anyway.

See, I have not dated much in the past year. I use the term dating loosely to mean, actually going out to meet people at a restaurant or coffee shop, and not simply chatting on social media. Why was I not dating? Yes, I still look like fine wine! Yes, I still have an awesome personality! Yes, I get catcalls a lot! But jokes aside, here’s the real story: I just took time off the scene to reflect on my life, to date myself, to master the art of not going mad from loneliness, to learn how to be alone and not lonely and just basically to sink into my celibacy journey. Oh, also, try dating while on this (celibacy) journey. Tell me how that goes for you. It’s almost impossible y’all!

You’re probably wondering…

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