How Goes?

I didn’t jog this morning. I think I need to start seriously considering the pain in my shins which cleared up after skipping a day and the pain in my left calf which got me thinking that there’s something I’m doing wrong. I know for a fact that I need to eat better in the evening – early and a full meal and a pre-workout snack. I also need to work on a stretching before going out into the breezy morning mist (or drizzle).

That aside, I am glad to finally be done with Blurred Boundaries, a four part series I have been working on rather diligently that tells a story so close to home. I use to judge, rather harshly, people who had affairs. It changes your thinking around the circumstances when someone you know and/or care about is entangles in such a sticky situation. I don’t condone affairs now, but I am a lot less coarse in my handling of persons who have had affairs. The stories are on my other blog,, which I have dedicated exclusively to my short stories and attempts at poetry.

I attended BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) yesterday evening and felt rather refreshed to sit in a group discussing the Bible with no agenda other than to foster a deeper understanding of it. I also ran into old friends who share my joy in anonymity and personal growth. As I said, very refreshing. I can’t wait to officially join – there’s quite the waiting list and women are clearly still leading in numbers so it might be a few, or several, weeks before I officially become a member.

I didn’t jog this morning. I know I’ve already said that, but it’s bothering me. I have my BNI meeting tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. so I can’t do it tomorrow morning and I feel bad about slacking off in spite being unable to run both ways almost 4 weeks since I started on my route. I was hoping to be running up and down that path up to four times at the end of this month yet here I am being inconsistent and struggling with 1.5 times the distance.

However, all is not lost. Sadie (not her real name) is moving in for a week so we can help each other eat better and remain physically active so I that should be a nudge in the right direction. If all goes well, we should be able to visit Nina (not her real name either) soon and discuss our plans for the future with regard to school and work.

I’m still struggling with the sequels of two stories I’ve written: The Past That Is and Under The Weather I. If all goes well, I should be done with both by this coming weekend. But that also depends largely on personal inspiration and time. In fact, time is probably 5% of the problem. I need me some new inspiration and I need it fast.

In even less important news, I am recently amused by my new found vanity. My new Grandma got me this 3 in 1 serum cream thingy for my face (it’s very light and has left my skin feeling like velvet and smelling rich – I really don’t know how else to place that scent on a scale) and my aunt got me a foot cream to nurse my dry and chapped soles back into moist and acceptably shiny health. I also have Nivea for my skin – because somehow Vaseline petroleum jelly feels so only-fit-for-baby’s-bum. Three creams for my body! When did I get here? My right big toe is painted dark green and my left is brown, by the way. And I wear my Maasai sandals to work so my feet will breath, although one set of house shoes sits in my desk and is used rather frequently. I like my job, people. Not everyday and not all the time, but I really do like my job and the small bits (or chunks) of freedom that come with it.

I’m really starting to soak into the characters in The Red Tent – my current read borrowed from Johnny (also not his real name) and I’m looking forward to enjoying a home cooked meal rich in kale and corn flour. I’m even willing to skip out on chai with a few friends. I’ve been obsessing over Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters so I think I’ll read The Fault In Our Stars a third time after getting it back from Nick (yes, you guessed right; another alias).

Adios good people. I need to go get caffeinated. The neighbour’s blaring music system from this morning obviously did more damage than I’d thought. Him and the idiot who leaves his freakishly loud engine running for several minutes at the not-far-enough-to-not-notice basement! I need a beach house like yesterday. Really.


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